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Molson Coors, Milwaukee County Parks, and the Milwaukee Parks Foundation are embarking on an exciting journey to bolster the sustainability and vibrancy of our parks. Thanks to a transformative gift of $250,000 from Molson Coors, we are joining forces to raise an additional $250,000, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Milwaukee Parks Foundation. Together, we aim to reach a monumental milestone of $500,000 dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our beloved parks.

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We have secured $345,429 of our $500,000 goal!



Deferred maintenance needs across the Milwaukee County Parks system in 2022.

Milwaukee County Parks had a backlog of deferred maintenance projects that would collectively cost $500 million.


Fewer full-time employees today than 1980

In the early ’80s, the Milwaukee County Parks were cared for by 1,300 full-time employees, but decades of budget cuts have led to a vast reduction in staff – now just 301 full-time team members.


Monthly tax per Milwaukee County resident this year funding the parks

Milwaukee County residents contribute an average of $2.00 per month in taxes to support the parks. That $24.00 per resident each year equates to about $0.15 per year per park.


Acres of land owned by parks.

Our 301 hard-working, full-time staff manage over 15,000 acres of land – that’s the equivalent of each staff member maintaining over 40 Lambeau Fields on their own.

Bridge repair needed


By supporting Cheers to Our Parks, you are directly contributing to the ongoing care and enhancement of our beloved Milwaukee County Parks System, ensuring they remain accessible and enjoyable for all.

How can you get involved? Take the Park Champion Pledge today and join us in championing our parks’ sustainability. Explore the beauty of our green spaces by participating in our Cheers to Our Parks events.

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